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End of Year

by Unknown - 10:23 on 28 December 2013

Only a few weeks since my last posting but so much has happened.  As we reflect back on 2013 we have a lot to be thankful for, especially in light of events here in Madeira during December.

Our 2013 year started in South Africa where we were at the end of our 7 week road trip there.  On returning to Madeira we were pleased to be able to watch the Carnival in Funchal.  As summer approached Red Ruth went back in the water (after being in winter storage since November).  We were invited to join in with some of the local Regatta's which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Many new friends joined us on board Red Ruth for their first experience 'on the water'.  Dogdog came to live with us in April - an abandoned animal that found his way to us.  He stayed and he became part of the 'family'.

Work at the house kept us busy during the Autumn period and with the change in the weather we had our hands full in the garden.  Our small crops were ready to harvest resulting in a few jars of marmalade, bottled tomatoes and other goodies filling up the pantry.

As December approached our dog became ill.  We nursed him as best we could, with the help from the excellent vetinarians on the Island.  Unfortunately he left us at the end of the first week of December, leaving a large hole in our hearts.  Gone but not forgotten.  The following week the weather took a turn for the worse with a huge Atlantic storm approaching the Island from the south.  The size of the swell that broke on the coast of the Island took everyone by surprise, as whilst we all knew that it would be a 5 metre swell, the impact on the Island was devastating.  Every Marina along the south coast was damaged.  Quinta do Lorde on the east was damaged, Machico was destroyed, Santa Cruz was destroyed with every boat sustaining complete loss, Funchal sustained damage, Calheta had some damage and on it went.  Within a week we had Red Ruth out of the water - thankfully no damage to her - others were not so lucky!

Despite our sadness over Dogdog we were fortunate that he came into our lives, and as we spend the festive period with our family and new friends here in Madeira, we reflect on 2013 as being a fortunate year for us.  

We look forward to what 2014 brings us and we wish you all the very best.  A year filled with love, joy and prosperity.



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