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Hi Peter. Glad you are still having fun on RR. and a FIRST wow. Pity about your Azores trip. I took her there in 2000 - Ponta Delgada - on one of the AZAB races. Think we came 3rd!Its worth the trip. I'm still on the water though now in friends old classic boat racing. Good fun, less comfortable!
Best wishes
Posted by Chris Coles on 08 August 2017
regatta during our holiday on Madeira
Dear Peter and Lorraine,

As we already told you, we had a great day on your ship when you invited us to join you for a regatta in Funchal in the beginning of May. It gave our holiday a very special touch! Thanx! And also to Jean Paul and Bruce.

We wanted to send some pictures to you, but I can't find your emailadresses anymore. So, can you please mail me your emailadres, so we can send the pictures? Hope to hear from you!

Mieke and Michel, The Netherlands
Posted by Mieke en Michel on 31 May 2015
We had a great day out with you and enjoyed meeting you both. Thanks for the photographs. Hope to meet you again when you are back in Madeira.
Posted by Lorraine on 27 August 2015
Merry Christmas!
Hi folks - hope you are both well and still enjoying life. We are fine here.I follow you on your site and read your adventures with some envy I have to say! Anyway this is to wish you both a happy Christmas and everything you wish yourselves in the New Year
Posted by Pat Jacques on 21 December 2013
Hi Peter and Lorraine, landed on your blog completely by chance, courtesy of Google. I also sailed here last year and am now living on a farm in Santo, sans boat.(Having seen your photo I think I saw you at the Santo market last week?) Would be fun to meet up for a chat if you'd like, Regards Sarah
Posted by Sarah on 07 April 2013
Greetings for Lochaber
Hi Peter and Lorraine, Great to read your progress in Red Ruth and South Africa trip.I visited a medical friend in Zimbabwe last year which was fascinating. I am working hard on Dons Sottisse to get her ready for launch. Fabulous alpine weather in Lochaber while the rest of UK in snow.The jet stream has shifted to give us a break at last!Plans for Canna in May for a University diving club 40 year reunion.
Posted by Jim Douglas on 29 March 2013
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