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03 October 2013
Greece to France - update

The expected arrival on the south coast of Italy came and went.  I waited to hear from the boyz but no word.  By the third day I was a little anxious and managed to find out that they had been in touch with the UK base and were fine. Next day I received contact - they were in Sicily!  The decision had been made en route to try and get as far as possible before having to stop.  However as they left the south coast of Italy heading towards Reggio Calabria they were unable to turn North as a 40 - 50 knot wind was rushing down the Straits on Messina.  The only option was to go straight across to Sicily or turn South, so Sicily it was.  Another visit to Riposta and very grateful to be there they were.  After some discussion the Skipper decided that the best option was to take the yacht to Malta rather than France so a few days later they arrived safely at Manoel Island, hauled the yacht out the water and arranged flights back home.

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