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02 October 2013
Vang etc

There is always something to repair on a yacht.  This summer whilst sailing locally we heard a rather loud clunking noise forward of the cockpit but not as far as the mast.  On investigation we found that the vang repair done earlier in the season had not held so the piston inside the vang had given up.  It wasn't a serious issue that would leave the yacht unsafe as we had not planned to do any long passages this season so we had a bit of time to source parts etc.  Contact was made with Seldon who advised that we would require a whole new unit.  This was duly purchased, shipped and fitted without any problems.  We can now adjust the boom without the noises that sound like the boat is breaking up!

The spray hood also has had to come off as I managed to put my hand through it whilst out sailing over the summer. The UV is intense and unfortunately the stitching doesn't last long under such conditions.  


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